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Bullish candlestick chart Patterns on Weekly Chart - Australian Stocks

Weekly Bullish Engulfing

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
Adacel Technologies Limited / ADA 2.3216-Feb-18Other Patterns
Ainsworth Game Technology Ltd / AGI 2.0816-Feb-18Other Patterns
AMP Limited / AMP 5.3316-Feb-18Other Patterns
Austin Engineering Ltd / ANG 0.25516-Feb-18Other Patterns
Ausgold Ltd / AUC 0.0516-Feb-18Other Patterns

Weekly Bullish Harami

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
Aura Energy Ltd / AEE 0.02216-Feb-18Other Patterns
Anatara Lifesciences Ltd / ANR 1.7116-Feb-18Other Patterns
Auroch Minerals NL / AOU 0.10516-Feb-18Other Patterns
APN Outdoor Group Ltd / APO 4.32516-Feb-18Other Patterns
Appen Ltd / APX 8.4216-Feb-18Other Patterns

Weekly Bullish Piercing

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
Adelaide Brighton Ltd / ABC 6.6116-Feb-18Other Patterns
Adelaide Resources Ltd / ADN 0.00816-Feb-18Other Patterns
ADX Energy Ltd / ADX 0.01216-Feb-18Other Patterns
Altium / ALU 14.8616-Feb-18Other Patterns
ARB Corporation Ltd / ARP 18.316-Feb-18Other Patterns

Weekly Three White Soldiers

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
Ausenco Ltd / AAX 0.016-Feb-18Other Patterns
ADG Global Supply Ltd / ADQ 0.00816-Feb-18Other Patterns
Redbank Energy Ltd / AEJ 0.016-Feb-18Other Patterns
Anatolia Energy Ltd / AEK 0.016-Feb-18Other Patterns
Australian Industrial REIT / ANI 0.016-Feb-18Other Patterns

Weekly Three Outside Up

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
WPG Resources Ltd / WPG 0.02716-Feb-18Other Patterns
Ansell Ltd / ANN 23.4302-Feb-18Other Patterns
ARB Corporation Ltd / ARP 18.302-Feb-18Other Patterns
Genesis Energy Ltd / GNE 2.1902-Feb-18Other Patterns
G.U.D. Holdings Ltd / GUD 11.6702-Feb-18Other Patterns

Weekly Three Inside Up

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
Carpentaria Exploration Ltd / CAP 0.09516-Feb-18Other Patterns
Doray Minerals Ltd / DRM 0.30516-Feb-18Other Patterns
Latin Resources Ltd / LRS 0.01216-Feb-18Other Patterns
Mineral Commodities Ltd / MRC 0.1616-Feb-18Other Patterns
Techniche Ltd / TCN 0.04516-Feb-18Other Patterns

Weekly Morning Star

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns

Weekly Abandoned Baby Bullish

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
Gold Road Resources Ltd / GOR 0.8216-Feb-18Other Patterns
Decimal Software Ltd / DSX 0.02602-Feb-18Other Patterns
Veem Ltd / VEE 0.5102-Feb-18Other Patterns
Centuria Capital Ltd / CNI 1.30519-Jan-18Other Patterns
Gold Mountain Ltd / GMN 0.119-Jan-18Other Patterns

Weekly Bullish GapUp

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
Allegiance Coal Ltd / AHQ 0.0716-Feb-18Other Patterns
Biotech Capital Ltd / BTC 0.22516-Feb-18Other Patterns
Buderim Ginger Ltd / BUG 0.3316-Feb-18Other Patterns
Chalmers Ltd / CHR 3.9516-Feb-18Other Patterns
Holista CollTech Ltd / HCT 0.0916-Feb-18Other Patterns

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