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Bullish candlestick chart Patterns on Weekly Chart - Australian Stocks

Weekly Bullish Engulfing

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
FSA Group Ltd / FSA 1.6116-Jan-18Other Patterns
iSentia Group Ltd / ISD 1.39516-Jan-18Other Patterns
Veris Ltd / VRS 0.1816-Jan-18Other Patterns
WPP AUNZ Ltd / WPP 0.94716-Jan-18Other Patterns
Shine Corporate Ltd / SHJ 0.70512-Jan-18Other Patterns

Weekly Bullish Piercing

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
Apollo Minerals Ltd / AON 0.21516-Jan-18Other Patterns
Beacon Lighting Group Ltd / BLX 1.5616-Jan-18Other Patterns
Decmil Group Ltd / DCG 1.2316-Jan-18Other Patterns
SKY Network Television Ltd / SKT 2.5916-Jan-18Other Patterns
Trade Me Group Ltd / TME 4.34516-Jan-18Other Patterns

Weekly Three White Soldiers

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
Ausenco Ltd / AAX 0.016-Jan-18Other Patterns
ADG Global Supply Ltd / ADQ 0.00816-Jan-18Other Patterns
Redbank Energy Ltd / AEJ 0.016-Jan-18Other Patterns
Anatolia Energy Ltd / AEK 0.016-Jan-18Other Patterns
Australian Industrial REIT / ANI 0.016-Jan-18Other Patterns

Weekly Three Outside Up

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
Shine Corporate Ltd / SHJ 0.70516-Jan-18Other Patterns
Tigers Realm Coal Ltd / TIG 0.05716-Jan-18Other Patterns
ChimpChange Ltd / CCA 1.0916-Jan-18Other Patterns
MyFiziq Ltd / MYQ 1.39516-Jan-18Other Patterns
ALS Ltd / ALQ 7.4612-Jan-18Other Patterns

Weekly Three Inside Up

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
Allegiance Coal Ltd / AHQ 0.0416-Jan-18Other Patterns
BluGlass Ltd / BLG 0.38516-Jan-18Other Patterns
Clean Teq Holdings Ltd / CLQ 1.6516-Jan-18Other Patterns
Golden Deeps Ltd / GED 0.06816-Jan-18Other Patterns
Sunbridge Group Ltd / SBB 0.01216-Jan-18Other Patterns

Weekly Morning Star

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns

Weekly Abandoned Baby Bullish

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
Centuria Capital Ltd / CNI 1.4216-Jan-18Other Patterns
BSA Ltd / BSA 0.38512-Jan-18Other Patterns
AVZ Minerals Ltd / AVZ 0.3322-Dec-17Other Patterns
Saracen Mineral Holdings Limited / SAR 1.70515-Dec-17Other Patterns
Explaurum Ltd / EXU 0.12508-Dec-17Other Patterns

Weekly Bullish GapUp

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
8Common Ltd / 8CO 0.04216-Jan-18Other Patterns
Athena Resources Ltd / AHN 0.02716-Jan-18Other Patterns
Benitec Biopharma Ltd / BLT 0.33516-Jan-18Other Patterns
Buru Energy Ltd / BRU 0.3716-Jan-18Other Patterns
Chesser Resources Ltd / CHZ 0.06916-Jan-18Other Patterns

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