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3 Day Above 13 day EMA5 Day Above 20 day EMA5 Day Below 20 day EMA
13 Day Above 34 day EMA13 Day Below 34 day EMA15 Day Abv 50 DayEMA
15 Day below 50 Day EMA20 Day Above 50 day EMA20 Day Below 50 day EMA
15 Day Above 100 day EMA15 Day Below 100 day EMA50 Day Above 100 Day EMA
50 Day Below 100 Day EMA50 Day Above 200 Day EMA50 Day Below 200 Day EMA

Screening of 3 days EMA crossing below 13 day EMA in Australia Stock Market

NameSymbolView In ChartsSectorCurrent PriceCrossover For DaysGap Between COPrevious CO Date
Altech Chemicals LtdATCView In ChartsMaterials0.161214-Feb-18
BBX Minerals LtdBBXView In ChartsMaterials0.2311101-Feb-18
Excelsior Gold LtdEXGView In ChartsMaterials0.0461214-Feb-18
Golden Cross Resources LtdGCRView In ChartsMaterials0.01912412-Jan-18
Hannans Reward LtdHNRView In ChartsMaterials0.0211214-Feb-18
Iron Road LtdIRDView In ChartsMaterials0.181509-Feb-18
Lindian Resources LtdLINView In ChartsMaterials0.021905-Feb-18
Lincoln Minerals LtdLMLView In ChartsMaterials0.0341412-Feb-18
Metal Bank LtdMBKView In ChartsMaterials0.0191905-Feb-18
Rand Mining LtdRNDView In ChartsMaterials2.751509-Feb-18
Silver City Minerals LtdSCIView In ChartsMaterials0.04213329-Dec-17
Strandline Resources LtdSTAView In ChartsMaterials0.151214-Feb-18
Berkut Minerals LtdBMTView In ChartsMaterials0.1651313-Feb-18
eSports Mogul Asia Pacific LtdESHView In ChartsMaterials0.0141412-Feb-18
IOT Group LtdIOTView In ChartsMaterials0.0071214-Feb-18
Midway LtdMWYView In ChartsMaterials2.441313-Feb-18
Range International LtdRANView In ChartsMaterials0.0571214-Feb-18
Contact Energy LtdCENView In ChartsUtilities4.891806-Feb-18
Regional Express Holdings LtdREXView In ChartsTransportation1.53511525-Jan-18
Atlas Pearls and Perfumes LtdATPView In ChartsConsumer Durables & Apparel0.0271313-Feb-18
Gale Pacific LtdGAPView In ChartsConsumer Durables & Apparel0.3611002-Feb-18
FSA Group LtdFSAView In ChartsDiversified Financials1.5451905-Feb-18
Flagship Investments LtdFSIView In ChartsDiversified Financials1.6551905-Feb-18
Noni B LtdNBLView In ChartsRetailing2.151509-Feb-18
Acrux LtdACRView In ChartsPharmaceuticals & Biotechnology0.1612610-Jan-18
Genetic Technologies LtdGTGView In ChartsPharmaceuticals & Biotechnology0.01411525-Jan-18
NameSymbolView In ChartsSectorCurrent PriceCrossover For DaysGap Between COPrevious CO Date
Invion LtdIVXView In ChartsPharmaceuticals & Biotechnology0.01712216-Jan-18
Medical Developments International LtdMVPView In ChartsPharmaceuticals & Biotechnology7.451412-Feb-18
Patrys LtdPABView In ChartsPharmaceuticals & Biotechnology0.0221313-Feb-18
Recce LtdRCEView In ChartsPharmaceuticals & Biotechnology0.1711231-Jan-18
Brisbane Broncos LtdBBLView In ChartsMedia0.4911429-Jan-18
Prime Media Group LtdPRTView In ChartsMedia0.281412-Feb-18
SKY Network Television LtdSKTView In ChartsMedia2.5911429-Jan-18
BPS Technology LtdBPSView In ChartsSoftware & Services0.4811624-Jan-18
Empired LtdEPDView In ChartsSoftware & Services0.4551214-Feb-18
Integrated Research LtdIRIView In ChartsSoftware & Services3.6911525-Jan-18
Knosys LtdKNOView In ChartsSoftware & Services0.112315-Jan-18
Thred LtdTHDView In ChartsSoftware & Services0.0091905-Feb-18
GR Engineering Services LtdGNGView In ChartsCapital Goods1.3651313-Feb-18
RedFlow LtdRFXView In ChartsCapital Goods0.161313-Feb-18
Freedom Insurance Group LtdFIGView In ChartsInsurance0.471214-Feb-18
Arena REITARFView In ChartsReal Estate2.191214-Feb-18
AVJennings LtdAVJView In ChartsReal Estate0.721214-Feb-18
Lend Lease GroupLLCView In ChartsReal Estate15.541214-Feb-18
United Overseas Australia LtdUOSView In ChartsReal Estate0.64511330-Jan-18
Konekt LtdKKTView In ChartsHealth Care Equipment & Services0.4151214-Feb-18
Castillo Copper LtdCCZView In ChartsMaterials0.0632409-Feb-18
Cullen Resources LtdCULView In ChartsMaterials0.0022409-Feb-18
Catalyst Metals LtdCYLView In ChartsMaterials1.24521425-Jan-18
Hill End Gold LimitedHEGView In ChartsMaterials0.1352213-Feb-18
Strike Resources LtdSRKView In ChartsMaterials0.0682312-Feb-18
NameSymbolView In ChartsSectorCurrent PriceCrossover For DaysGap Between COPrevious CO Date
Tanami Gold NlTAMView In ChartsMaterials0.0421425-Jan-18
Winmar Resources LtdWFEView In ChartsMaterials0.0062805-Feb-18
Horizon Gold LtdHRNView In ChartsMaterials0.222213-Feb-18
Leigh Creek Energy LtdLCKView In ChartsMaterials0.092312-Feb-18
K2 Energy LtdKTEView In ChartsUtilities0.01121230-Jan-18
Kina Securities LtdKSLView In ChartsDiversified Financials0.792805-Feb-18
Zipmoney LtdZMLView In ChartsDiversified Financials1.0623427-Dec-17
AMA Group LtdAMAView In ChartsRetailing1.1052409-Feb-18
Autosports Group LtdASGView In ChartsRetailing2.012213-Feb-18
Memphasys LtdMEMView In ChartsPharmaceuticals & Biotechnology0.0012902-Feb-18
Adcorp Australia LimitedAAUView In ChartsMedia0.00822017-Jan-18
Icar Asia LtdICQView In ChartsMedia0.2472607-Feb-18
Kyckr LtdKYKView In ChartsSoftware & Services0.2752213-Feb-18
Velpic LtdVPCView In ChartsSoftware & Services0.00821524-Jan-18
Energy Technologies LtdEGYView In ChartsCapital Goods0.00521722-Jan-18
Mitchell Services LtdMSVView In ChartsCapital Goods0.0392312-Feb-18
Maxitrans Industries LimitedMXIView In ChartsCapital Goods0.7352213-Feb-18
Silver Chef LtdSIVView In ChartsCapital Goods6.9821623-Jan-18
Namoi Cotton Cooperative LimitedNAMView In ChartsCommercial Services & Supplies0.52213-Feb-18
Rubicor Group LtdRUBView In ChartsCommercial Services & Supplies0.03722116-Jan-18
Powerhouse Ventures LtdPVLView In ChartsCommercial Services & Supplies0.212312-Feb-18
Bannerman Resources LtdBMNView In ChartsEnergy0.04523720-Dec-17
Greenvale Energy NLGRVView In ChartsEnergy0.04422116-Jan-18
Metgasco LtdMELView In ChartsEnergy0.0612508-Feb-18
Oklo Resources LtdOKUView In ChartsEnergy0.42706-Feb-18
NameSymbolView In ChartsSectorCurrent PriceCrossover For DaysGap Between COPrevious CO Date
Peak Oil & Gas LtdPKOView In ChartsEnergy0.02121230-Jan-18
Collins Foods LtdCKFView In ChartsConsumer Services5.22312-Feb-18
Domino's Pizza Enterprises LtdDMPView In ChartsConsumer Services42.522508-Feb-18
Landmark White LtdLMWView In ChartsReal Estate0.62213-Feb-18
Sonic Healthcare LimitedSHLView In ChartsHealth Care Equipment & Services23.8321131-Jan-18
Alliance Resources LtdAGSView In ChartsMaterials0.12533129-Dec-17
Activex LtdAIVView In ChartsMaterials0.14534507-Dec-17
Brickworks LtdBKWView In ChartsMaterials14.013212-Feb-18
Citigold Corporation LtdCTOView In ChartsMaterials0.0063309-Feb-18
Fletcher Building LtdFBUView In ChartsMaterials6.5331031-Jan-18
GWR Group LtdGWRView In ChartsMaterials0.073705-Feb-18
Havilah Resources NLHAVView In ChartsMaterials0.2531424-Jan-18
Hillgrove Resources LtdHGOView In ChartsMaterials0.0943309-Feb-18
Rimfire Pacific Mining NlRIMView In ChartsMaterials0.0273606-Feb-18
Zeta Resources LtdZERView In ChartsMaterials0.353408-Feb-18
Impression Healthcare LtdIHLView In ChartsMaterials0.02731424-Jan-18
Flexiroam LtdFRXView In ChartsTelecommunication Services0.0853212-Feb-18
Mighty River Power LtdMYTView In ChartsUtilities3.123309-Feb-18
Mercury NZ LtdMCYView In ChartsUtilities3.123309-Feb-18
Connected IO LtdCIOView In ChartsTechnology Hardware & Equipment0.0283309-Feb-18
Aurizon Holdings LtdAZJView In ChartsTransportation4.593212-Feb-18
Tamawood LtdTWDView In ChartsConsumer Durables & Apparel4.043606-Feb-18
K2 Asset Management Holdings LtdKAMView In ChartsDiversified Financials0.2253212-Feb-18
Oceania Capital Partners LtdOCPView In ChartsDiversified Financials2.253309-Feb-18


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