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13 Day Above 34 day EMA13 Day Below 34 day EMA15 Day Abv 50 DayEMA
15 Day below 50 Day EMA20 Day Above 50 day EMA20 Day Below 50 day EMA
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Screening of 5 days EMA crossing above 20 day EMA in Australia Stock Market

NameSymbolView In ChartsSectorCurrent PriceCrossover For DaysGap Between COPrevious CO Date
Aruma Resources LtdAAJView In ChartsMaterials0.02511624-Jan-18
ABM Resources NLABUView In ChartsMaterials0.08417726-Oct-17
Adelaide Resources LtdADNView In ChartsMaterials0.0081707-Feb-18
Bligh Resources LtdBGHView In ChartsMaterials0.0361707-Feb-18
Bluescope Steel LtdBSLView In ChartsMaterials15.1711624-Jan-18
Dacian Gold LtdDCNView In ChartsMaterials2.8611231-Jan-18
Finders Resources LtdFNDView In ChartsMaterials0.2512216-Jan-18
FYI Resources LtdFYIView In ChartsMaterials0.1311525-Jan-18
Gascoyne Resources LtdGCYView In ChartsMaterials0.491806-Feb-18
Grange Resources LtdGRRView In ChartsMaterials0.20712709-Jan-18
Hammer Metals LtdHMXView In ChartsMaterials0.0551412-Feb-18
Independence Group NLIGOView In ChartsMaterials4.981905-Feb-18
King River Copper LtdKRCView In ChartsMaterials0.0421412-Feb-18
Latin Resources LtdLRSView In ChartsMaterials0.01211822-Jan-18
MRG Metals LtdMRQView In ChartsMaterials0.00811231-Jan-18
Mithril Resources LtdMTHView In ChartsMaterials0.0511723-Jan-18
Nagambie Mining LtdNAGView In ChartsMaterials0.09411525-Jan-18
Nexus Minerals LtdNXMView In ChartsMaterials0.1051412-Feb-18
Oz Minerals LtdOZLView In ChartsMaterials9.291806-Feb-18
Panoramic Resources LtdPANView In ChartsMaterials0.451608-Feb-18
Pioneer Resources LtdPIOView In ChartsMaterials0.0311002-Feb-18
Pro-Pac Packaging LtdPPGView In ChartsMaterials0.4451608-Feb-18
Resolute Mining LtdRSGView In ChartsMaterials1.1471905-Feb-18
Saracen Mineral Holdings LimitedSARView In ChartsMaterials1.57512018-Jan-18
Southern Gold LtdSAUView In ChartsMaterials0.2711231-Jan-18
Sandfire Resources NLSFRView In ChartsMaterials7.271806-Feb-18
NameSymbolView In ChartsSectorCurrent PriceCrossover For DaysGap Between COPrevious CO Date
Southern Hemisphere Mining LtdSUHView In ChartsMaterials0.1215428-Nov-17
Tawana Resources NLTAWView In ChartsMaterials0.4811429-Jan-18
Traka Resources LtdTKLView In ChartsMaterials0.0651905-Feb-18
Dark Horse Resources LtdDHRView In ChartsMaterials0.02311525-Jan-18
Danakali LtdDNKView In ChartsMaterials0.721608-Feb-18
Graphex Mining LtdGPXView In ChartsMaterials0.3251806-Feb-18
Riva Resources LtdRIRView In ChartsMaterials0.00911624-Jan-18
S2 Resources LtdS2RView In ChartsMaterials0.1912905-Jan-18
Volt Resources LtdVRCView In ChartsMaterials0.0341806-Feb-18
Bega Cheese LtdBGAView In ChartsFood7.181905-Feb-18
F.F.I. Holdings Ltd FFIFFIView In ChartsFood3.9612412-Jan-18
Macquarie Telecom Group LtdMAQView In ChartsTelecommunication Services15.381608-Feb-18
SpeedCast International LtdSDAView In ChartsTelecommunication Services5.461313-Feb-18
Water Resources Group LtdWRGView In ChartsUtilities0.681608-Feb-18
Meridian Energy LtdMEZView In ChartsUtilities2.6512412-Jan-18
MaxSec Group LtdMSPView In ChartsTechnology Hardware & Equipment0.01915527-Nov-17
Smart Parking LtdSPZView In ChartsTechnology Hardware & Equipment0.2351313-Feb-18
K & S Corporation LimitedKSCView In ChartsTransportation1.6314214-Dec-17
National Australia Bank LtdNABView In ChartsBanks29.2417006-Nov-17
ASX LimitedASXView In ChartsDiversified Financials56.181806-Feb-18
Platinum Capital Limited PMCPMCView In ChartsDiversified Financials2.051214-Feb-18
Beston Global Food Company LtdBFCView In ChartsDiversified Financials0.2512610-Jan-18
Mejority Capital LtdMJCView In ChartsDiversified Financials0.02211429-Jan-18
Macquarie Radio Network LtdMRNView In ChartsMedia1.3311624-Jan-18
Nvoi LtdNVOView In ChartsSoftware & Services0.02311822-Jan-18
NameSymbolView In ChartsSectorCurrent PriceCrossover For DaysGap Between COPrevious CO Date
Property Connect Holdings LtdPCHView In ChartsSoftware & Services0.00313820-Dec-17 LtdRNTView In ChartsSoftware & Services0.0711231-Jan-18
Syntonic LtdSYTView In ChartsSoftware & Services0.01714806-Dec-17
Emeco Holdings LtdEHLView In ChartsCapital Goods0.2751806-Feb-18
Mastermyne Group LtdMYEView In ChartsCapital Goods0.851707-Feb-18
PPK Group LtdPPKView In ChartsCapital Goods0.2151707-Feb-18
Service Stream LimitedSSMView In ChartsCapital Goods1.53511231-Jan-18
Steamships Trading Co LtdSSTView In ChartsCapital Goods17.812216-Jan-18
Byron Energy LtdBYEView In ChartsEnergy0.2951214-Feb-18
Energy Metals LtdEMEView In ChartsEnergy0.10511002-Feb-18
Elixir Petroleum LtdEXRView In ChartsEnergy0.11806-Feb-18
Paladin Energy LtdPDNView In ChartsEnergy0.195119217-May-17
Finbar Group LtdFRIView In ChartsReal Estate1.0351214-Feb-18
Goodman GroupGMGView In ChartsReal Estate8.113527-Dec-17
ALE Property GroupLEPView In ChartsReal Estate4.8511330-Jan-18
Clover Corporation LimitedCLVView In ChartsHealth Care Equipment & Services0.6812610-Jan-18
Nanosonics LtdNANView In ChartsHealth Care Equipment & Services2.821806-Feb-18
ResApp Health LtdRAPView In ChartsHealth Care Equipment & Services0.091806-Feb-18
Australian Whisky Holdings LtdAWYView In ChartsFood, Beverage & Tobacco0.0311905-Feb-18
Dongfang Modern Agriculture Holding Group LtdDFMView In ChartsFood, Beverage & Tobacco0.8851509-Feb-18
Wingara AG LtdWNRView In ChartsFood, Beverage & Tobacco0.2811919-Jan-18
Alexium International Group LtdAJXView In ChartsMaterials0.32525130-Nov-17
Auroch Minerals NLAOUView In ChartsMaterials0.1052805-Feb-18
BHP Billiton LtdBHPView In ChartsMaterials31.462706-Feb-18
CI Resources LtdCIIView In ChartsMaterials1.79521623-Jan-18
NameSymbolView In ChartsSectorCurrent PriceCrossover For DaysGap Between COPrevious CO Date
Coziron Resources LtdCZRView In ChartsMaterials0.02321001-Feb-18
Drake Resources LtdDRKView In ChartsMaterials0.022213-Feb-18
Dateline Resources LtdDTRView In ChartsMaterials0.03221425-Jan-18
Malachite Resources LtdMARView In ChartsMaterials0.0062805-Feb-18
Mount Gibson Iron LtdMGXView In ChartsMaterials0.43522215-Jan-18
Minbos Resources LtdMNBView In ChartsMaterials0.0032508-Feb-18
Orora LtdORAView In ChartsMaterials3.29522411-Jan-18
Perseus Mining LtdPRUView In ChartsMaterials0.4322508-Feb-18
Sims Metal Management LtdSGMView In ChartsMaterials17.0421230-Jan-18
Silver Lake Resources LtdSLRView In ChartsMaterials0.3921131-Jan-18
Western Areas LtdWSAView In ChartsMaterials3.292805-Feb-18
Coca-Cola Amatil LtdCCLView In ChartsFood8.482409-Feb-18
Infratil LtdIFZView In ChartsUtilities3.0221329-Jan-18
Duxton Water LtdD2OView In ChartsUtilities1.0922510-Jan-18
Infratil LtdIFTView In ChartsUtilities3.0221329-Jan-18
Dicker Data LtdDDRView In ChartsTechnology Hardware & Equipment2.982213-Feb-18
Australian Ethical Investment LtdAEFView In ChartsDiversified Financials151.521131-Jan-18
Ironbark Capital LtdIBCView In ChartsDiversified Financials0.5252805-Feb-18
Magellan Flagship Fund LtdMFFView In ChartsDiversified Financials2.342805-Feb-18
Macquarie Group LtdMQGView In ChartsDiversified Financials103.162706-Feb-18
Prime Financial Group LimitedPFGView In ChartsDiversified Financials0.1629402-Oct-17
WAM Research LtdWAXView In ChartsDiversified Financials1.57521329-Jan-18
Yellow Brick Road Holdings LtdYBRView In ChartsDiversified Financials0.1452312-Feb-18
Breville Group LtdBRGView In ChartsRetailing13.4424114-Dec-17


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