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3 Day Above 13 day EMA3 Day Below 13 day EMA5 Day Below 20 day EMA
13 Day Above 34 day EMA13 Day Below 34 day EMA15 Day Abv 50 DayEMA
15 Day below 50 Day EMA20 Day Above 50 day EMA20 Day Below 50 day EMA
15 Day Above 100 day EMA15 Day Below 100 day EMA50 Day Above 100 Day EMA
50 Day Below 100 Day EMA50 Day Above 200 Day EMA50 Day Below 200 Day EMA

Screening of 5 days EMA crossing above 20 day EMA in Australia Stock Market

NameSymbolView In ChartsSectorCurrent PriceCrossover For DaysGap Between COPrevious CO Date
Audalia Resources LtdACPView In ChartsMaterials0.01212705-Dec-17
Aspire Mining LtdAKMView In ChartsMaterials0.0121212-Jan-18
Anova Metals LtdAWVView In ChartsMaterials0.0721212-Jan-18
Antipa Minerals LtdAZYView In ChartsMaterials0.02213523-Nov-17
Cazaly Resources LimitedCAZView In ChartsMaterials0.051212-Jan-18
Dragon Mountain Gold LtdDMGView In ChartsMaterials0.01311129-Dec-17
Hot Chili LtdHCHView In ChartsMaterials0.0361212-Jan-18
Highlands Pacific LtdHIGView In ChartsMaterials0.11212-Jan-18
Ironbark Zinc LtdIBGView In ChartsMaterials0.0851903-Jan-18
King Solomon Mines LtdKSOView In ChartsMaterials0.691212-Jan-18
MinRex Resources NLMRRView In ChartsMaterials0.10512804-Dec-17
Thundelarra LtdTHXView In ChartsMaterials0.0351705-Jan-18
Danakali LtdDNKView In ChartsMaterials0.7151608-Jan-18
Hexagon Resources LtdHXGView In ChartsMaterials0.1313030-Nov-17
Leigh Creek Energy LtdLCKView In ChartsMaterials0.10516217-Oct-17
Bellamy's Australia LtdBALView In ChartsFood13.6812901-Dec-17
Ridley Corporation LtdRICView In ChartsFood1.4111719-Dec-17
Chorus LtdCNUView In ChartsTelecommunication Services3.841311-Jan-18
Spirit Telecom LtdST1View In ChartsTelecommunication Services0.161608-Jan-18
Homeloans LtdHOMView In ChartsBanks0.551311-Jan-18
Tamawood LtdTWDView In ChartsConsumer Durables & Apparel4.071410-Jan-18
Aberdeen Leaders LtdALRView In ChartsDiversified Financials1.281212-Jan-18
Advanced Share Registry LtdASWView In ChartsDiversified Financials0.7851212-Jan-18
BT Investment Management LtdBTTView In ChartsDiversified Financials11.571212-Jan-18
FSA Group LtdFSAView In ChartsDiversified Financials1.6113424-Nov-17
Pacific Current Group LtdPACView In ChartsDiversified Financials7.1951608-Jan-18
NameSymbolView In ChartsSectorCurrent PriceCrossover For DaysGap Between COPrevious CO Date
Cash Converters International LtdCCVView In ChartsRetailing0.36512311-Dec-17
Godfreys Group LtdGFYView In ChartsRetailing0.41517922-Sep-17
Story/I LtdSRYView In ChartsRetailing0.02911002-Jan-18
Invion LtdIVXView In ChartsPharmaceuticals & Biotechnology0.0061311-Jan-18
Knosys LtdKNOView In ChartsSoftware & Services0.0551311-Jan-18
Xref LtdXF1View In ChartsSoftware & Services0.691212-Jan-18
Fastbrick Robotics LtdFBRView In ChartsCapital Goods0.1951212-Jan-18
Cabcharge Australia LimitedCABView In ChartsCommercial Services & Supplies2.0112901-Dec-17
EnviroSuite LtdEVSView In ChartsCommercial Services & Supplies0.0761311-Jan-18
Alligator Energy LtdAGEView In ChartsEnergy0.0131311-Jan-18
Greenpower Energy LtdGPPView In ChartsEnergy0.0171410-Jan-18
Greenvale Energy NLGRVView In ChartsEnergy0.0311804-Jan-18
Kina Petroleum LtdKPLView In ChartsEnergy0.0951705-Jan-18
Rey Resources LtdREYView In ChartsEnergy0.31311-Jan-18
Tap Oil LtdTAPView In ChartsEnergy0.0591804-Jan-18
Alice Queen LtdAQXView In ChartsEnergy0.0651903-Jan-18
AVJennings LtdAVJView In ChartsReal Estate0.751311-Jan-18
United Overseas Australia LtdUOSView In ChartsReal Estate0.651705-Jan-18
Alcidion Group LtdALCView In ChartsHealth Care Equipment & Services0.05411915-Dec-17
Mach7 Technologies LtdM7TView In ChartsHealth Care Equipment & Services0.3151804-Jan-18
Inghams Group LtdINGView In ChartsFood, Beverage & Tobacco3.4613424-Nov-17
Adelaide Resources LtdADNView In ChartsMaterials0.0092902-Jan-18
Athena Resources LtdAHNView In ChartsMaterials0.02721815-Dec-17
Arc Exploration LtdARXView In ChartsMaterials0.552310-Jan-18
Clancy Exploration LtdCLYView In ChartsMaterials0.0052211-Jan-18
NameSymbolView In ChartsSectorCurrent PriceCrossover For DaysGap Between COPrevious CO Date
Crossland Strategic Metals LtdCUXView In ChartsMaterials0.0072211-Jan-18
Corazon Mining LtdCZNView In ChartsMaterials0.0222409-Jan-18
Coziron Resources LtdCZRView In ChartsMaterials0.02423522-Nov-17
Fertoz LtdFTZView In ChartsMaterials0.08522211-Dec-17
Gold Road Resources LtdGORView In ChartsMaterials0.7152310-Jan-18
Inca Minerals LtdICGView In ChartsMaterials0.0062409-Jan-18
Metal Bank LtdMBKView In ChartsMaterials0.0242211-Jan-18
Magontec LtdMGLView In ChartsMaterials0.03523916-Nov-17
MacPhersons Resources LtdMRPView In ChartsMaterials0.1322112-Dec-17
Northern Star Resources LtdNSTView In ChartsMaterials6.182211-Jan-18
Resource Base LtdRBXView In ChartsMaterials0.0392310-Jan-18
Saracen Mineral Holdings LimitedSARView In ChartsMaterials1.7052211-Jan-18
Torian Resources LtdTNRView In ChartsMaterials0.08623324-Nov-17
Tanga Resources LtdTRLView In ChartsMaterials0.0162211-Jan-18
Global Fortune Investment LtdGFIView In ChartsMaterials0.312409-Jan-18
Westgold Resources LtdWGXView In ChartsMaterials1.75521128-Dec-17
Clean Seas Tuna LtdCSSView In ChartsFood0.06421914-Dec-17
Select Harvests LimitedSHVView In ChartsFood4.652803-Jan-18
DroneShield LtdDROView In ChartsTechnology Hardware & Equipment0.1921128-Dec-17
CTI Logistics LtdCLXView In ChartsTransportation1.182409-Jan-18
N1 Holdings LtdN1HView In ChartsBanks0.1226806-Oct-17
Gale Pacific LtdGAPView In ChartsConsumer Durables & Apparel0.3721227-Dec-17
Techniche LtdTCNView In ChartsDiversified Financials0.042310-Jan-18
WAM Active LtdWAAView In ChartsDiversified Financials1.152803-Jan-18
Beacon Lighting Group LtdBLXView In ChartsRetailing1.562508-Jan-18
NameSymbolView In ChartsSectorCurrent PriceCrossover For DaysGap Between COPrevious CO Date
Kathmandu Holdings LtdKMDView In ChartsRetailing2.182605-Jan-18
The PAS Group LtdPGRView In ChartsRetailing0.4421520-Dec-17
CSL LtdCSLView In ChartsPharmaceuticals & Biotechnology142.162211-Jan-18
Decimal Software LtdDSXView In ChartsSoftware & Services0.02525624-Oct-17
BidEnergy LtdBIDView In ChartsSoftware & Services0.01327626-Sep-17
KneoMedia LtdKNMView In ChartsSoftware & Services0.1321128-Dec-17
ShareRoot LtdSROView In ChartsSoftware & Services0.00622704-Dec-17
Velpic LtdVPCView In ChartsSoftware & Services0.012409-Jan-18
Protean Energy LtdPOWView In ChartsCapital Goods0.0322508-Jan-18
BluGlass LtdBLGView In ChartsSemiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment0.3852902-Jan-18
Allegiance Coal LtdAHQView In ChartsEnergy0.042704-Jan-18
Blue Energy LtdBULView In ChartsEnergy0.15522211-Dec-17
Jacka Resources LtdJKAView In ChartsEnergy0.00422308-Dec-17
Mec Resources LtdMMRView In ChartsEnergy0.0242310-Jan-18
Samson Oil & Gas LtdSSNView In ChartsEnergy0.00223720-Nov-17
Capitol Health LimitedCAJView In ChartsHealth Care Equipment & Services0.2852310-Jan-18
Pacific Smiles Group LtdPSQView In ChartsHealth Care Equipment & Services1.7821520-Dec-17
Admiralty Resources NLADYView In ChartsMaterials0.0083604-Jan-18
Aguia Resources LtdAGRView In ChartsMaterials0.373802-Jan-18
ARK Mines LtdAHKView In ChartsMaterials0.07534802-Nov-17
Alara Resources LtdAUQView In ChartsMaterials0.0293309-Jan-18
Canyon Resources LtdCAYView In ChartsMaterials0.13531420-Dec-17
Classic Minerals LtdCLZView In ChartsMaterials0.00432830-Nov-17
Dempsey Minerals LtdDMIView In ChartsMaterials0.09535524-Oct-17

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