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Strong Downtrend for Mid term TradersStrong Downtrend for long term TradersStrong Downtrend for very long term Traders

Report on Stocks Trending Down By 15 Days Moving Average For Australian Stocks

NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price Trending Since Trending for DaysLoss Since start of TrendGain/ Loss In %Other Recent Patterns
Castle Minerals LtdCDTView In Charts0.02717/11/201740-0.02042.55More Patterns..
Octanex NLOXXView In Charts0.08524/11/201735-0.02522.73More Patterns..
Actinogen LtdACWView In Charts0.04124/11/201735-0.00714.58More Patterns..
Kollakorn Corporation LtdKKLView In Charts0.02224/11/201735-0.02856.00More Patterns..
Imugene LtdIMUView In Charts0.01424/11/201735-0.00526.32More Patterns..
Peninsula Mines LtdPSMView In Charts0.01424/11/201735-0.00526.32More Patterns..
Artemis Resources LtdARVView In Charts0.23524/11/201735-0.14538.16More Patterns..
Hampton Hill Mining NL HHMHHMView In Charts0.02201/12/201730-0.00929.03More Patterns..
Great Boulder Resources LtdGBRView In Charts0.301/12/201730-0.07520.00More Patterns..
Pura Vida Energy NLPVDView In Charts0.04801/12/201730-0.01726.15More Patterns..
Stokes LtdSKSView In Charts0.21508/12/201725-0.02510.42More Patterns..
Latrobe Magnesium LtdLMGView In Charts0.01308/12/201725-0.00213.33More Patterns..
Traditional Therapies Clinics LtdTTCView In Charts0.11508/12/201725-0.04528.12More Patterns..
RNY Property TrustRNYView In Charts0.01208/12/201725-0.00425.00More Patterns..
Broo LtdBEEView In Charts0.2408/12/201725-0.04014.29More Patterns..
Crusader Resources LtdCASView In Charts0.06708/12/201725-0.01922.09More Patterns..
ABM Resources NLABUView In Charts0.07808/12/201725-0.01717.89More Patterns..
Lindian Resources LtdLINView In Charts0.0208/12/201725-0.00313.04More Patterns..
Syndicated Metals LtdSMDView In Charts0.01115/12/201720-0.00945.00More Patterns..
3D Resources LtdDDDView In Charts0.00915/12/201720-0.00218.18More Patterns..
3D Oil LtdTDOView In Charts0.05815/12/201720-0.02025.64More Patterns..
APA GroupAPAView In Charts8.0615/12/201720-0.6307.25More Patterns..
Oventus Medical LtdOVNView In Charts0.5615/12/201720-0.14520.57More Patterns..
LatAm Autos LtdLAAView In Charts0.1315/12/201720-0.02013.33More Patterns..
Aurizon Holdings LtdAZJView In Charts4.6615/12/201720-0.75013.86More Patterns..
Nvoi LtdNVOView In Charts0.01715/12/201720-0.00210.53More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price Trending Since Trending for DaysLoss Since start of TrendGain/ Loss In %Other Recent Patterns
K & S Corporation LimitedKSCView In Charts1.55515/12/201720-0.23012.89More Patterns..
Meteoric Resources NLMEIView In Charts0.05215/12/201720-0.01320.00More Patterns..
UCW LtdUCWView In Charts0.1615/12/201720-0.05023.81More Patterns..
Plymouth Minerals LtdPLHView In Charts0.16515/12/201720-0.03015.38More Patterns..
Genera Biosystems LtdGBIView In Charts0.18522/12/201715-0.02511.90More Patterns..
Interpose Holdings LtdIHSView In Charts0.02522/12/201715-0.00516.67More Patterns..
Harris Technology Group LtdHT8View In Charts0.06122/12/201715-0.0068.96More Patterns..
OncoSil Medical LtdOSLView In Charts0.14522/12/201715-0.0053.33More Patterns..
OBJ LtdOBJView In Charts0.03822/12/201715-0.0049.52More Patterns..
Gold Mountain LtdGMNView In Charts0.11522/12/201715-0.0054.17More Patterns..
Bega Cheese LtdBGAView In Charts6.9622/12/201715-0.5106.83More Patterns..
Mareterram LtdMTMView In Charts0.2522/12/201715-0.0207.41More Patterns..
Spark Infrastructure GroupSKIView In Charts2.37522/12/201715-0.1455.75More Patterns..
Arowana International LtdAWNView In Charts0.4222/12/201715-0.0306.67More Patterns..
AusNet ServicesASTView In Charts1.722/12/201715-0.1005.56More Patterns..
Avita Medical LtdAVHView In Charts0.05622/12/201715-0.0035.08More Patterns..
Carnegie Clean Energy LtdCCEView In Charts0.03722/12/201715-0.0025.13More Patterns..
9 Spokes International Ltd9SPView In Charts0.0722/12/201715-0.01416.67More Patterns..
GetSwift LtdGSWView In Charts3.222/12/201715-0.3509.86More Patterns..
Stone Resources Australia LtdSHKView In Charts0.00422/12/201715-0.00120.00More Patterns..
Freelancer LtdFLNView In Charts0.44522/12/201715-0.05511.00More Patterns..

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