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Strong Downtrend for Mid term TradersStrong Downtrend for long term TradersStrong Downtrend for very long term Traders

Report on Stocks Trending Down By 15 Days Moving Average For Australian Stocks

NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price Trending Since Trending for DaysLoss Since start of TrendGain/ Loss In %Other Recent Patterns
Silex Systems LtdSLXView In Charts0.3728/12/201735-0.09019.57More Patterns..
Indago Energy LtdINKView In Charts0.105/01/201830-0.03525.93More Patterns..
Berkut Minerals LtdBMTView In Charts0.16505/01/201830-0.08534.00More Patterns..
Kalina Power LtdKPOView In Charts0.04805/01/201830-0.01422.58More Patterns..
Matsa Resources LtdMATView In Charts0.17512/01/201825-0.03516.67More Patterns..
Berkeley Resources LtdBKYView In Charts0.8512/01/201825-0.12012.37More Patterns..
Jervois Mining LtdJRVView In Charts0.5212/01/201825-0.14521.80More Patterns..
Collaborate Corporation LtdCL8View In Charts0.02812/01/201825-0.00412.50More Patterns..
MYOB Group LtdMYOView In Charts3.21512/01/201825-0.3359.44More Patterns..
The Environmental Group LimitedEGLView In Charts0.07112/01/201825-0.02324.47More Patterns..
Moreton Resources LtdMRVView In Charts0.01119/01/201820-0.0018.33More Patterns..
Fastbrick Robotics LtdFBRView In Charts0.1619/01/201820-0.03015.79More Patterns..
Redstone Resources LtdRDSView In Charts0.01219/01/201820-0.00214.29More Patterns..
Ultima United LtdUULView In Charts0.0619/01/201820-0.01014.29More Patterns..
Venture Minerals LtdVMSView In Charts0.03519/01/201820-0.00920.45More Patterns..
Triangle Energy(Global) LtdTEGView In Charts0.09919/01/201820-0.01110.00More Patterns..
Greenpower Energy LtdGPPView In Charts0.01419/01/201820-0.00317.65More Patterns..
Rumble Resources LtdRTRView In Charts0.0519/01/201820-0.01118.03More Patterns..
Folkestone LtdFLKView In Charts1.10519/01/201820-0.1109.05More Patterns..
Alkane Resources LtdALKView In Charts0.2919/01/201820-0.04513.43More Patterns..
Comet Resources LtdCRLView In Charts0.09719/01/201820-0.01311.82More Patterns..
Westgold Resources LtdWGXView In Charts1.53519/01/201820-0.1207.25More Patterns..
APN Outdoor Group LtdAPOView In Charts4.32519/01/201820-0.2355.15More Patterns..
Rural Funds GroupRFFView In Charts2.0419/01/201820-0.23010.13More Patterns..
Resources & Energy Group LtdREZView In Charts0.119/01/201820-0.03023.08More Patterns..
Cazaly Resources LimitedCAZView In Charts0.0419/01/201820-0.00714.89More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price Trending Since Trending for DaysLoss Since start of TrendGain/ Loss In %Other Recent Patterns
SomnoMed LtdSOMView In Charts3.0529/01/201815-0.1504.69More Patterns..
Helloworld LtdHLOView In Charts4.6129/01/201815-0.1002.12More Patterns..
Stonewall Resources LtdSWJView In Charts0.01529/01/201815-0.00316.67More Patterns..
Sayona Mining ltdSYAView In Charts0.06629/01/201815-0.01518.52More Patterns..
Integrated Research LtdIRIView In Charts3.6929/01/201815-0.1904.90More Patterns..
Alumina LtdAWCView In Charts2.30529/01/201815-0.1455.92More Patterns..
Algae.Tec LtdAEBView In Charts0.03329/01/201815-0.0025.71More Patterns..
Venus Metals Corporation LtdVMCView In Charts0.11529/01/201815-0.02014.81More Patterns..
Variscan Mines LtdVARView In Charts0.00829/01/201815-0.00111.11More Patterns..
Tegel Group Holdings LtdTGHView In Charts0.9929/01/201815-0.0504.81More Patterns..
MMJ PhytoTech LtdMMJView In Charts0.4729/01/201815-0.0356.93More Patterns..
Kibaran Resources LtdKNLView In Charts0.1429/01/201815-0.0159.68More Patterns..
Magnetite Mines LtdMGTView In Charts0.03329/01/201815-0.0038.33More Patterns..
Infigen EnergyIFNView In Charts0.60529/01/201815-0.0456.92More Patterns..
Excelsior Gold LtdEXGView In Charts0.04629/01/201815-0.0024.17More Patterns..
Primary Gold LtdPGOView In Charts0.03929/01/201815-0.00511.36More Patterns..
Maca LtdMLDView In Charts1.58529/01/201815-0.0905.37More Patterns..
Breaker Resources NLBRBView In Charts0.5429/01/201815-0.06010.00More Patterns..
Odyssey Energy LtdODYView In Charts0.0629/01/201815-0.0069.09More Patterns..
Altona Mining LtdAOHView In Charts0.13529/01/201815-0.0053.57More Patterns..
Ironbark Zinc LtdIBGView In Charts0.06329/01/201815-0.0011.56More Patterns..
Bathurst Resources LtdBRLView In Charts0.15529/01/201815-0.02513.89More Patterns..
Emu NLEMUView In Charts0.1329/01/201815-0.01510.34More Patterns..
Godfreys Group LtdGFYView In Charts0.3229/01/201815-0.08020.00More Patterns..
Anteo Diagnostics LtdADOView In Charts0.01629/01/201815-0.00211.11More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price Trending Since Trending for DaysLoss Since start of TrendGain/ Loss In %Other Recent Patterns
Delecta LtdDLCView In Charts0.00429/01/201815-0.00120.00More Patterns..
Sky and Space Global LtdSASView In Charts0.1629/01/201815-0.0158.57More Patterns..
Highfield Resources LtdHFRView In Charts0.96529/01/201815-0.0858.10More Patterns..
Village Roadshow LtdVRLView In Charts3.2629/01/201815-0.85020.68More Patterns..
Minotaur Exploration LtdMEPView In Charts0.07329/01/201815-0.00910.98More Patterns..
Kalium Lakes LtdKLLView In Charts0.3829/01/201815-0.0205.00More Patterns..


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