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Report on Stocks Trending Up By 15 Days Moving Average For Australian Stocks

NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price Trending Since Trending for DaysPrice Gain Since start of TrendGain/ Loss In %Other Recent Patterns
Digital CC LtdDCCView In Charts0.37513/10/2017650.30882.13More Patterns..
Elders LtdELDView In Charts8.5227/10/2017553.4740.73More Patterns..
Nagambie Mining LtdNAGView In Charts0.10503/11/2017500.06460.95More Patterns..
Viking Mines LtdVKAView In Charts0.0403/11/2017500.01845.00More Patterns..
Alchemia LtdACLView In Charts0.01310/11/2017450.00538.46More Patterns..
LiveHire LtdLVHView In Charts1.3124/11/2017350.32024.43More Patterns..
Greencross LtdGXLView In Charts6.4224/11/2017351.0115.73More Patterns..
Linius Technologies LtdLNUView In Charts0.1724/11/2017350.12171.18More Patterns..
OM Holdings LimitedOMHView In Charts0.9924/11/2017350.47047.47More Patterns..
Atcor Medical Holdings LtdACGView In Charts0.03724/11/2017350.01335.14More Patterns..
Beyond International LtdBYIView In Charts0.7501/12/2017300.11014.67More Patterns..
GR Engineering Services LtdGNGView In Charts1.4308/12/2017250.1107.69More Patterns..
Shine Corporate LtdSHJView In Charts0.70508/12/2017250.08512.06More Patterns..
IMF Bentham LtdIMFView In Charts3.0608/12/2017250.60019.61More Patterns..
Golden Rim Resources LtdGMRView In Charts0.05108/12/2017250.04894.12More Patterns..
DWS LtdDWSView In Charts1.68508/12/2017250.22513.35More Patterns..
K2fly LtdK2FView In Charts0.3208/12/2017250.21065.62More Patterns..
Lycopodium LtdLYLView In Charts5.0315/12/2017200.70013.92More Patterns..
Castillo Copper LtdCCZView In Charts0.0715/12/2017200.00710.00More Patterns..
WPP AUNZ LtdWPPView In Charts0.94715/12/2017200.10711.30More Patterns..
Resolute Mining LtdRSGView In Charts1.1615/12/2017200.15513.36More Patterns..
ResApp Health LtdRAPView In Charts0.08615/12/2017200.01517.44More Patterns..
Legend Corporation LimitedLGDView In Charts0.24515/12/2017200.03514.29More Patterns..
Sandfire Resources NLSFRView In Charts7.3415/12/2017200.86011.72More Patterns..
Clarius Group LtdCNDView In Charts0.115/12/2017200.02626.00More Patterns..
Kogi Iron ltdKFEView In Charts0.13515/12/2017200.05742.22More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price Trending Since Trending for DaysPrice Gain Since start of TrendGain/ Loss In %Other Recent Patterns
Westgold Resources LtdWGXView In Charts1.75522/12/2017150.1055.98More Patterns..
Western Areas LtdWSAView In Charts3.3622/12/2017150.1303.87More Patterns..
AFT Pharmaceuticals LtdAFPView In Charts2.122/12/2017150.1406.67More Patterns..
Eneabba Gas LtdENBView In Charts0.01422/12/2017150.0017.14More Patterns..
Seven Group Holdings LtdSVWView In Charts15.6922/12/2017150.4903.12More Patterns..
Bentley Capital LtdBELView In Charts0.1222/12/2017150.0108.33More Patterns..
Draig Resources LtdDRGView In Charts0.2622/12/2017150.0103.85More Patterns..
Challenger Energy LtdCELView In Charts0.01822/12/2017150.0015.56More Patterns..
Primary Gold LtdPGOView In Charts0.04322/12/2017150.00716.28More Patterns..
Agrimin LtdAMNView In Charts0.9722/12/2017150.0707.22More Patterns..
MMJ PhytoTech LtdMMJView In Charts0.5122/12/2017150.11522.55More Patterns..
Dacian Gold LtdDCNView In Charts2.9922/12/2017150.37012.37More Patterns..
Peak Oil & Gas LtdPKOView In Charts0.0222/12/2017150.0000.000More Patterns..
AMA Group LtdAMAView In Charts1.0722/12/2017150.0504.67More Patterns..
Mitula Group LtdMUAView In Charts0.60522/12/2017150.0457.44More Patterns..
Minbos Resources LtdMNBView In Charts0.00322/12/2017150.00133.33More Patterns..
Havilah Resources NLHAVView In Charts0.23522/12/2017150.0208.51More Patterns..
Lithium Power International LtdLPIView In Charts0.5922/12/2017150.0457.63More Patterns..
Codan LtdCDAView In Charts2.3322/12/2017150.1305.58More Patterns..
Pacific Niugini LtdPNRView In Charts0.22522/12/2017150.0208.89More Patterns..
National Veterinary Care LtdNVLView In Charts2.9822/12/2017150.2809.40More Patterns..
Great Western Exploration LtdGTEView In Charts0.02622/12/2017150.0013.85More Patterns..
TikForce LtdTKFView In Charts0.02122/12/2017150.00523.81More Patterns..
Real Estate Investar Group LtdREVView In Charts0.04522/12/2017150.00511.11More Patterns..

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